Swatch Libraries

1. Earlier in the tutorials as we were adding our swatches we clicked on the Swatch Library (folder) to move the library to our swatches panel so it is available in other tools and areas. The gradient panel is one of those areas.

Adjusting Gradients

2. You can add new swatches by double clicking on the color tabs on the slider. If you get extra tabs you can pull them off. To adjust the location or direction you can modify in the gradient panel. You can also do so with the gradient tool, but it is a little frustrating for beginners.

Linear or Radial

3. You can adjust the type of gradient from linear to radial. Most of the shapes will work with either type if you want to experiment. We adjust the location to -90 so the linear gradients will go from the top down.

Gradient in the Fill

4. We were just working on our strokes in the last tutorial so the potential that your stroke icon is in the front. So if you are clicking on gradient and your strokes are coloring with the gradient you can toggle what’s in front (shift x).