Adding Strokes

1. We will be adding strokes in 2 ways using the Stroke and the Appearance Panel. You can adjust the size and location with the Stroke Panel. You can also adjust the corners and caps to be rounded of strokes/segments.

Adding Strokes to the Inside

2. Look within the Stroke Panel to find align stroke to. We will be adjusting to the inside and outside. There will be funny overlaps if you do not align each one to the inside/outside. You will notice this in the mouth.

Adding 2nd Stroke using Appearance

3. You can add a 2nd stroke, adjust the color, and select the Stroke Panel all within the Appearance Panel. When you add on a 2nd stroke it will look like you deleted the other stroke. We have to select the new stroke and align to the opposite direction (outside).

Appearance Panel

4. The Appearance Panel does a lot of the heavy lifting in the program. It is a good panel to get familiar with. You will see this referenced when we Expand Appearance, which will relate to all of the effects, fill, and strokes you have added to a specific shape or group.