( Tool-Based Workflows ) These pages are designed to give a little more structure to our Tutorials, Challenges + Workflows. We are getting ready for the new school year which sounds a little funny if you are an adult. All of our new content is geared for the adult and young professional learner which is slightly different than our older content. I am always modifying the pages to keep them as current as possible. The world gave me eight months of quiet-time to record so there is a lot of new stuff rolling out for the fall semester. So hang on to your butts, it is about to get really fun.


We need a little more structure and organization to our Tutorials, Challenges and Workflows. These breakout Sessions and Workflow Pages are to give you a Curriculum Path based on the Workflow that is best suited for your artwork. Everything will still be in our Linear Workflow format, but it will be organized by the Tool-Based Linear Workflow.


Premium Plus is our Active Learning Course Content (step by steps) that follows along to our Linear Workflow Model. Our Active Learning is designed to give you time in the program to advanced through our Learning Phases from Learning the Program to Creating your Own Artwork.


We have different Learning Targets as you do more step by step Tutorials. We focus a lot of attention on our Build Mode and the overall structure so you can modify for any subject matter or design solution. The links below will cover the Learning Targets for the 9-15 Hours in Each Tool-Based Workflow.



The first Phase of the process is just to learn the program within the Linear Workflow Model. If you are still struggling and frustrated in Adobe Illustrator, I would recommend following along with the step by step along with the resources provided.


The main goal is to transition into creating your own artwork as quickly as possible. The goal of this phase is to start replacing my resources with your own drawings or sketches. We do have Pre-Workflow and Drawing for Illustrator lessons to follow to start from your own drawing.


We have 9-15 Hours within a Tool-Based Workflow. The focus is to go through the Growth Models to hit a level of proficiency to start adding on keyboard shortcuts and some speed into your workflow. This will come with time in the program. Don’t worry about keyboard shortcuts if you are still struggling with navigation.


Once you have completed all of the step by step lessons, I would move directly into creating your own artwork using the Tool-Based Workflow. The next step in the process is to bring your own artwork through the Text and Shape-Based Design lessons to get completed pieces for your portfolio.