Blob Brush using Wacom Tablet

In Adobe Illustrator by Jason Secrest

Blob Brush + Wacom

In this Illustrator Tutorial series we will be using a tablet to start from the initial sketch. This is more of a direct approach to drawing rather than tracing the image with the pen tool or shapes. This will be for those who are looking to gain a little more practice getting down your lines and have a little issue with the idea of tracing. The major troubleshooting to be aware of is in the Blob Brush settings.


Blob Brush is a pretty funny workflow. It is just tracing. The major goal as you are tracing along is to go long with your lines or strokes. The Pressure will tend to look pretty crappy if you try to match them up exactly. Look for uneven blobs or rounded edges as the lines merge together.


As you play around around with the Pressure Settings and the tool, be aware that there is a comfort level of how zoomed in or out you are. If you zoom in, I would recommend shrinking the brush size. It tends to get more sensitive the more zoomed in you get.


Play around with your effects after you color the character. The Inner Glow Effect is a pretty great one for values that look really natural without a whole lot of time behind the effect. The main decision will be if you want the value as a highlight from the center or a shadow from the edge.





Table Settings

Follow the direction on your tablet for how to install the drivers and set up first. Look for their Properties or Settings. Most of the tablet settings that I can adjust have been turned off or disabled. All of the short cuts will come from the keyboard shortcuts for Illustrator not the tablet. If you have a rather large tablet that you can’t reach your keyboard then I would set up your Express keys.

Blob Brush Settings

The major two settings are right at the top of the Blob Brush settings. You want Keep Selected turned OFF. The Merge Only with Selected turned ON. You are controlling how the tool merges with itself. These settings have to be exact or everything will merge together and Deleting All is the solution.


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