Freeform or Maintain Proportions (shift)

1. If you hold down shift it will maintain proportions. Not holding shift is how we will achieve the cheek and ear oval shapes.

Click, Hold and Drag

2. Click on a shape tool (Elipse). Drag and hold down your mouse to the opposite corner.

Click for Shape Pop Up

3. When you are on a tool shape and just click a pop up window with dimensions will appear. This can be frustrating if you are trying to drag, but great if you are looking to duplicate the exact shape you just built.

Hold (Shift & Alt/Option) Drag from Center

4. My method of choice for the tutorials. The tutorials that use a circle to build will have a center point. Hover your cursor above the center point, hold down alt/option and shift to drag out. The alt/option is scaling from the center. The shift is maintaining proportions.