Creating a New Document

1. File- New. Select 5 x 5 inches as file size. We will be using this file size across the tutorials to make life easy for you. I also have 300ppi selected under the advanced tab.

Color Mode

2. In each tutorial I will go through what color mode we are using to match the color swatches or swatch libraries. CMYK will be for print documents and is usually the default color of choice. You can always change the color mode, but it is easier switching from CMYK to RGB.


3. Most of the default preferences will work great for you as a beginner. I would only recommend going in and changing your anchor and handle size in the selection settings. I would also modify the color and what Smart Guides will be showing. In most of the tutorials I recommend turning them on.


4. Under you Windows tab you will see a Workspace option. We are working in Essential Classic, but you can modify and check out the other workspaces available depending on your task for that day.