Download Resource Folder

1. Make sure you have already downloaded the resource folder. I would also recommend paying attention to where that folder is on your computer. Most of you will have it in Downloads. Remember to Extract All.

File- Place

2. File Place the image into your artboard. Remember that this is a jpeg file along with the other Anchor Point Guides. Double check you didn’t get excited when your files were done extracting and double clicked on an APG.

Resize and Center to Artboard

3. For many of the APg’s you will need to scale and center them into the artboard. You can scale from the corners holding down shift. You can also resize in the control panel. Align Vertical/Horizontal Center is also located in the Control Panel


4. Easiest version is to go to your Layer Panel and select the menu in the upper right. Scroll down and select template. The next option is to control the opacity slider in the Transparency Panel. Make sure your APG is selected before moving the slider.