The main goal of this page is to get you get you up and running with your Tutorials + Challenges + Workflows. This page will go through some easy tasks of Downloading the Folder, Installing your Brushes and getting your Login + Password.


If you are a first time visitor to our Website, I would invite you to go through our Free Beginner Guide.


We can do a simple install for Quick Access by saving them in your User Defined. The step by step Brush video is below.


A lot of our full-length content is in on our Members site. We will go through how to access to the full library of content.

Website + Member Site

There are two locations to watch the full-length tutorials, challenges and workflows. A lot of the older content is on our step by step page of this website. This will be for beginners and is also shape and pen tool specific. The longer format Challenges, Workflows and Tablet Tutorials are hosted on our Premium Plus site. You will see a LOGIN button directly above this section. The Premium Plus is designed around our Linear Workflow and is the step by step follow. The Premium Plus page goes through all of the new content.

Installing 200+ Brushes

You can install them all in less than 5 minutes if we add them in your Brush Libraries as a User Defined. There are 17 Brush Libraries with 200+ Brushes in are Illustrator Brushes. The goal is to install them and save them as a User Default. The User Default process will save time hunting for the files in the folder. Below the video, I also show the Brush Library Pop Up Method is for Quick Use. Our “Other Library” method does not require any install of our Brushes.


We have our new 100+ Brushes with an extra 100+ Brushes as a Bonus. In the next 5 minutes, you can install all of your brushes. Open Illustrator or the Folder (Open All) All of the Brush Libraries will Appear. Follow along to the saving instructions.


We are going to cover the easiest way of Installing your Brush Libraries. Open Adobe Illustrator. File – Open. Locate the Brushes Folder. Pick all of the Brush Libraries. Click on your Brushes Panel. Save Brush Library.


Once the Brush Panel is Open. You will see all of your Brushes. Click on the upper right hand corner for the Brush Menu. Scroll Down to Save Brush Library. Click Save in the Default Area for Adobe. Your Brushes will now appear in User Defaults.


Open your Brush Panel from the document you are currently working on. Scroll down to the Bottom Left Corner – Click Brush Library. Click on OTHER LIBRARY.


Select the Brush Library you wish to use  on the artwork. Notice the folder has already been extracted. Click on Open.


The Brush Pop Up Method is shown in every step by step tutorial that uses our Cartoon Brushes. You can use the Brush Pop Up Method without installing any of our brushes.


We have quite a few texture packs that are in our resources folder. We have covered how to use some of them, but there are a lot of pattern and texture fills that are fun and easy to use in the Tutorials, Challenges and Workflows.


Have Adobe Illustrator open. You will be at the Textures step of the workflow or tutorial, so have the other document you are working on open as well. Open the Texture Document.


Just drag 1 or 2 of the Pattern or Texture Fills over to your working document. The Pattern Fills will automatically populate into your Swatches. That was it. They can now be used like any other color swatch, just point and click.


If you really want to get fancy. Paste the Textures over to a completed vector. Have your completed vector grouped together so you have a group and the texture. The texture layer should be on top of your vector. Open – Transparency Panel and click Make Mask. Click on Invert.


There is an immediate Direct Download button for you to start the downloading process for your Brushes + Resources. There is also a link to the download in the email confirmation.


Each of the Tutorials, Challenges and Workflows have the resources in the first section of the curriculum to download individually as new content is added.


Pick the Tutorial, Challenge or Workflow you want to do for the day and download the needed resources. You will only need to download 1 resource image.



If you are a member, please login to your account with the link above to start working on Tutorials + Challenges or Premium Workflows. The full-length Tutorials + Challenges are on the member site. Most public YouTube content has been modified.


There is an email invitation to the Members site. This will usually come after you get the Direct Download and Confirmation. The email will allow you to set up your account and your username and password. It likes to hide in Spam or Promotions, it will come from me (Jason) or Toon Co.


The login button above will have a link to Forgot Password. The account is under the same email address you used when signing up for Premium Plus. Just follow the directions to reset your username or password.


Our Linear Model is easy to understand for beginners to master the basics, but also flexible enough as you get more advanced.


Once we break down each step into a logical sequence, a lot of the decision making is already done for us which makes it very easy to understand and implement.


Challenges + Workflows are broken down into shorter videos which allows for more problem solving and explanation during each step.




200+ Brushes specifically designed for Adobe Illustrator and Cartoonists to speed up your workflow.


Active Learning Curriculum in Adobe Illustrator including Advanced Coloring Tutorials + Challenges. Includes Brushes, Textures + 50 Active Learning Tutorial Resources.


Active Learning Curriculum in Adobe Illustrator including Advanced Coloring Tutorials, Challenges + New Workflows. Includes Brushes, Textures + 100 Active Learning Tutorial Resources.

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