Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial using Pathfinder

Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial using Pathfinder

In Adobe Illustrator, for Beginners by Jason Secrest

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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial using Pathfinder.

In this easy to follow tutorial we will be going through our resource document to build our character and practice using the pathfinder panel. I have been getting a lot of requests for more tips and tutorials on pathfinder.

Taco Sticker on Redbubble
Building with Shapes

Shapes are a great way of building your characters especially as you gain experience with blend, warp, shape builder, and pathfinder to create unique shapes.

Adding Warp Effects

We will be adding blend and warp effects to create more organic shapes within our cartoon characters to give you more building tools and options.

Learning Pathfinder

Our goal is to simplify pathfinder in the next few step by step tutorials by practicing and going through as many different options to build up your confidence.

Taco Sticker on Redbubble

Pathfinder in Adobe Illustrator

Taco Sticker on Redbubble

Learning Pathfinder in Illustrator

  • Order: What's in front?

    Minus Front and Intersect are the easiest to understand when the shape you are cutting is in front so you can see it.

  • What shape am I looking to create?

    This will determine which option of minus front, intersect, or divide you will choose. Divide allows more control over what you are deleting and is a great alternative to intersect and minus front.

  • Do I want to keep any shapes before cutting?

    Note that one of the shapes disappears after using pathfinder. If you want to keep a shape copy – paste in front/back.

Taco Sticker on Redbubble

Applying Pathfinder in Illustrator

  • Order or Arrangement

    Note that the order of objects has switched in these examples. The color and the shape is determined by the front object.

  • Copy - Paste in Front Objects

    I have duplicated the taco shape before cutting in the minus front and intersect examples. We will duplicate shapes a lot when using pathfinder.

  • Duplicating Objects before Cutting

    This is good to note if your shapes keep disappearing on you. Copy – Paste in Front/Back.

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