easy adobe illustrator snail cartoon tutorial

Easy Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial for Beginners

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Easy Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial for Beginners from Sketch to Vector Art

In this beginner Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial we will be going through a simple process of inking and coloring using the pen tool and live paint. We will also add shadows using inner glow effects. In this easy to follow tutorial we will be going through an original sketch to build our character and practice using the the pen and shape tools.

Snail Sticker
Vector from Rough Sketch

Rough sketch drawings are a little different since they do not include the line variation and have a little more wiggle room on where the final line will go. There is a little more editing as you add on the thickness to each line. I have included an anchor point guide as well to use if you are brand new.

Getting Down Anchors

The goal is to get down your lines first. You will find that there is so much editing and moving of the initial anchors and handles that the placement of your anchor points should cause little stress.

Connect the Dots

We will be using our 2 step approach to using the pen tool. The first is using straight lines to just get down our anchor points. Look for the start and end of each line. If it breaks, curves, and changes direction put in an anchor.

From Sketch to Vector

Using Resource Folder

1. Place the anchor point guide into NEW illustrator document and scale to fit the 5″x 5″ artboard. In your layers menu select Template Layer. Create a New layer ABOVE IT for inking.

Getting Swatches

2. If you open the swatch window on the right hand side. On the bottom left corner you will see Swatch Libraries. Open Other Library. Open our resource folder and look for the ASE Folder.

Stroke Panel

3. Use the stroke panel, width tool, and width profiles to create variation in your lines. Expand the lines and use the eraser tool to erase overlapping or unwanted lines. Unite brushes in pathfinder panel.

Using Live Paint

4. Select All – Object- Live Paint. Fill in flat colors wIth our color palette or find others on https://color.adobe.com Object – Expand live paint. Ungroup (3X) or until you can select individual shapes.