Beginner Illustrator Tutorial Roughen Edges

Beginner Illustrator Tutorial Roughen Edges

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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial using Halftone and Roughen Effects.

In this easy to follow tutorial we will be halftone and roughen edges effects to build our cartoon character. We will be covering how to create a printed comic strip style character using roughen edges effect and halftones.

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Anchor Point Guides

Anchor point guides are designed to make life easier as you are learning where to place anchors and how to adjust handles.

Adding Halftone

We will be adding a basic halftone effect within our cartoon characters. We will be using the eraser tool to cut our highlights and light values.

Adding Roughen Effect

Roughen Edges will be a way of adding on a vintage look to your character or vector artwork that will mimic old printing techniques.

Inking your Cartoon with Pen Tool

Adding Roughen Edges & Halftone Effects