easy illustrator tutorial using gradients

Easy Adobe Illustrator Tutorial using Gradients

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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial using Gradients and Shadows.

In this easy to follow tutorial we will be going through how to apply multiple different lighting techniques for shadows and highlights on your cartoon characters. We will be going through a coloring process using Live Paint for flat colors, the knife tool to create easy shadows, and transparent gradients to our character.

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Adding Flat Color

Using live paint is a fast way of getting down flat color without having to use pathfinder to create shapes.

Cast Shadows

The knife tool is a fast and easy way for beginners to cut into their existing shapes to add cast and drop shadows within their characters.

Adding Gradients

We will be adding linear and radial gradients and go through how to edit and change direction with the gradient menu and tool.

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Inking using Anchor Point Guides

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Using Resource Folder

1. Place the anchor point guide into NEW illustrator document and scale to fit the 5″x 5″ artboard. In your layers menu select Template Layer. Create a New layer ABOVE IT for inking.

Using the Pen Tool

2. Trace the image using the shape and pen tool. There should be no fill when using the pen tool. Use straight line and the convert anchor point tool to create your curves.

Custom Brushes

3. Add OUR custom brushes library to create variation in your lines. Expand the lines and use the eraser tool to erase overlapping or unwanted lines. Unite brushes in pathfinder panel.

Using Live Paint

4. Select All – Object- Live Paint. Fill in flat colors wIth our color palette or find others on https://color.adobe.com/ Object – Expand live paint. Ungroup (3X) or until you can select individual shapes.

Coloring using Gradients

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