Step by Step Adobe Illustrator Tutorial using a Santa Character in Underpants

Step by Step Adobe Illustrator Tutorial with Wacom Tablet

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Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial using the pencil tool along with Wacom Tablet.

In this beginner Adobe Illustrator CC step by step tutorial we will be going through a simple process of inking using the Wacom Tablet and the Pencil Tool. This will be a hybrid of the same process of inking, adding brushes, and coloring we have been using to get you familiar with the tablet before adding pressure sensitivity.

Santa Sticker
Wacom & Pencil Settings

Double Click on the Pencil Tool. I prefer to turn off keep selected, fill new strokes, and close paths options. If you are noticing lines connecting or bouncing, definitely turn off keep selected.

Using Pencil Tool

Your goal is to find a happy medium of efficiency for how fast you can apply lines as well as how far you should be zoomed out. I prefer zoomed out for longer lines and zoomed in for shorter ones.

Prepping for Live Paint

We will be adding in simple segments to act as stoppers for our Live Paint Bucket. These segments should have no fill or stroke. Place them in areas where you have open or broken lines.

Wacom Inking using the Pencil Tool

Using Resource Folder

1. Place the anchor point guide into NEW illustrator document and scale to fit the 5″x 5″ artboard. In your layers menu select Template Layer. Create a New layer ABOVE IT for inking.

Using the Pencil Tool

2. Trace the image using the pencil tool. There should be no fill when using the pencil tool. Turn your smooth option up to 4 or 5. Turn off options keep selected, close paths, and fill new strokes.

Hand Painted Brushes

3. Add OUR hand painted brush libraries to create variation in your lines. These brush libraries are fun to play with. Take some time to experiment and go through each one to change the effect or distressing of the line.

Using Live Paint

4. Select All – Object- Live Paint. Fill in flat colors wIth our color palette or find others on Object – Expand live paint. Ungroup (3X) or until you can select individual shapes.