Step by Step Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for Beginners

Step by Step Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for Beginners

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Step by Step Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial using the pen tool along with our anchor point guides.

In this beginner step by step Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial we will be going nice and slow through a simple workflow of inking and coloring. We will be adding shadows and halftone pattern fills to complete these cartoon characters. We will be going through our resource anchor point guide to build our character and practice using the the pen tool.

Dating is Fun Sticker on Redbubble
Anchor Point Guides

Anchor point guides are designed to make life easier as you are learning where to place anchors while using the pen tool and how to adjust handles using the direct selection tool(A).

Using Pen Tool

We will be using our 2 step approach to using the pen tool(P). The first is using straight lines to just get down our anchor points. We will then be using the anchor tool(shift C) to create curves and handles.

Color & Shadows

Using live paint and the knife tool are fast ways of getting down flat color and shadows without having to use pathfinder to new create shapes.

Inking using the Pen Tool

Using Resource Folder

1. Download files first from the resource folder. Place the anchor point guide into NEW Illustrator document and scale to fit the 5″x 5″ artboard. In your layers menu select Template Layer.

Using the Pen Tool

2. Trace the image using the shape and pen tool. There should be no fill when using the pen tool. Use straight line and the convert anchor point tool to create your curves.

Custom Brushes

3. Download brush folder. Add OUR custom brushes library- Brush Menu- Brush Libraries Menu- Other Library. Expand the lines and use the eraser tool to erase overlapping or unwanted lines. Unite brushes in pathfinder panel.


4. If you are just starting out use the tear off menus to help assist you as you are learning your shortcuts. If you are doing a tool hunt, it is faster to learn your shortcuts and look down at your keyboard.

Adding Custom Brushes for Line Variation

Coloring using Live Paint & Halftones

New! Resource in Folder

1. There is a new folder in our Resource Folder labeled Textures for you to use on this tutorial. There a different kind of distressing and halftone effects to use in your art. We will be using these in future tutorials.

Using the Knife Tool

2. Select the object you want to cut. Select the Knife Tool. Cut all the way through the shape. Zoom in to see the edges of the shape. The tool will try to smooth itself if you go nice and slow. Make sure to deselect your shapes before trying to color it.

Pattern Fills

3. Open the Distressed Halftone file in our resource folder. Simply copy and paste a sample into our document. The pattern will automatically be added to your swatches.

Using Live Paint

4. Select All – Object- Live Paint. Fill in flat colors with our color palette using Live Paint bucket (K). Once completed: Make sure to Object – Expand live paint. Ungroup (3x) or until you can select individual shapes again.