adobe illustrator tutorial using gradients

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial adding Gradients

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Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial adding Gradients.

I am updating our Adobe Illustrator Tutorial adding Gradients to include the CC versions of the Gradient Tool. We will follow a simple process of inking using the pen tool, adding custom brushes, and adding flat color using live paint. The step by step will be for an older version of Adobe Illustrator. In this easy to follow step by step tutorial we will be going through our resource document to build our character and practice using the pen tool, live paint, and gradients. Looking to Follow Along? Download Brushes, Textures + Tutorial Resources

adobe illustrator tutorial using gradients
Flat Color = Live Paint

I recommend using Live Paint. In the step by step version of the monkey, I use an older method that is easier for new users. I don’t recommend this version of coloring since it takes too long.

Freeform Gradients CC

I would use the Freeform Gradient Tool for the highlights of our monkey. The Points can be placed directly on the Highlight. Scale to fit and the rest can be the flat color or the next value toward the shadow.

Using Gradient Tool

We will be adding linear and radial gradients and go through how to edit and change direction with the gradient menu and tool. This method still works great, you will see you are limited with the Radial Graient.

Adding on Line Variation using Cartoon Brushes

You will have more control over the placement and width of each of your lines using the Cartoon Brushes. The process will be a combination of using the Brushes to get down the initial thickness and stroke width. The second step will be modifying the placement of the variation using the so we can edit later. This 2-Step Process allows for more control over your Line Variation compared to using your Tablet with Pressure.

Download Brushes

1. The Direct Download will make it very easy to download the zipped brushes file. Simply Extract All of the contents and follow along with the rest of the video.

Open Other Library

2. In your Brushes Panel, Window – Brushes. In the Bottom Left Hand Corner you will see a Brushes Library icon that looks like books. Click on it and scroll down to Other Library. Open Brush Library from folder.

Adding Line Weight

3. Depending on your own Style or preference, I would recommend adding a little more line weight to your artwork. The mistake I see a lot of beginners make is keeping the line weight at 1pt.

Cartoon Brushes

4. We have 17 Brush Libraries in our folder. You can use any one of them during this tutorial. All you have to do is line up the thin edge which will be floating in space. The Thick ends will represent our values which will be merging into other areas and strokes.




How to Color in Adobe Illustrator

One of the easiest and fastest ways of filling in your color is through Live Paint. Live Paint is a part of the Shape Builder Tools which builds the shapes in the exact shape you need it. Select All. Go up to Object - Live Paint - Make. If you have a grayed out Make it simply means you didn't have anything selected. I recommend Deselecting by clicking on your artboard before clicking on a Color Swatch. *Remember Everything is still Selected so it will Color the Full Selection if you click on a Color Swatch. Click on the Live Paint Bucket (K) and Click to Dump Color. It will feel like the Paint Bucket in Adobe Photoshop. Advanced Coloring, Adding Values and Effects: Follow Along to our Active Learning on Teachable.


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