Adobe Illustrator Beginner Graphic Design Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for Beginners

In Step by Step Adobe Illustrator Tutorials by Jason Secrest

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial using Shapes and Warp Effects

In this easy to follow step by step tutorial we will be going step by step to build a badge logo to practice building with shapes and add warp effects.

Building with Shapes

Shapes are a great way of building your characters especially as you gain experience with blend, warp, shape builder, and pathfinder to create unique shapes.

Adding Warp Effects

We will be adding blend and warp effects to create more organic shapes within our cartoon characters to give you more building tools and options.


Adding textures in Photoshop is an easy way of adding textures without having to clean up your layers in Illustrator. It can be done in Illustrator in your Transparency Menu or Layers Mode.

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