Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Wacom Tablet Pencil

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In this Adobe Illustrator CC Wacom Tablet tutorial we will be going through how to use the pencil tool. This will be another option to your tablet workflow that is extremely user friendly since we are turning up are smoothing very high. We will be practicing joining paths to maintain our sharp corners in this easy to follow tutorial.

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The pencil tool is one of the easier tools to use and master with the tablet. It comes with a lot of other tools in the sub menu to help you out, but the main settings are enough with smoothing and keep selected on.


We will be keep selected turned on so we can join paths that are next to each other, especially corners. Just note that you can still join paths in the same manner but you just have to select them first to get the join icon by your pencil.


The keep sected is great for joining and corners but it does come with its issues if you don’t want paths to join. So a little trouble shooting is zoom in enouth to see the start and finish of each stroke. I also go long with strokes to avoid unnecessary joining and to allow for line variation later.


Table Settings

Most of the tablet settings that I can adjust have been turned off or disabled. All of the short cuts will come from the keyboard shortcuts for Illustrator not the tablet. If you have a rather large tablet that you can’t reach your keyboard then I would set up your Express keys.

Pencil Settings

Turn your smoothing (fidelity) all the way up. This will keep your lines extremely smooth. I would also have the fills turned off. The keep selected box will be on for this tutorial since we are working on joining paths, especially sharp corners.


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