Our focus for this year has been giving you more open ended tutorials so you can add in more of your own artwork. One of the easiest options is to do your own drawing or trace of a similar subject while you are following the tutorials.


The more we start from a photo and break it down, the more you can connect to the next step in your development. Use the process of breaking down a photo to practice using your own artwork following along the workflow or tutorial.


I encourage you to start replacing the resource images and guides early on during the process. This so you can practice based on what you intend to bring in as a resource to Illustrator such as a photo, drawing or tracing.



The first Phase of the process is just to learn the program within the Linear Workflow Model. If you are still struggling and frustrated in Adobe Illustrator, I would recommend following along with the step by step along with the resources provided.


The main goal is to transition into creating your own artwork as quickly as possible. The goal of this phase is to start replacing my resources with your own drawings or sketches. We do have Pre-Workflow and Drawing for Illustrator lessons to follow to start from your own drawing.


We have 9-15 Hours within a Tool-Based Workflow. The focus is to go through the Growth Models to hit a level of proficiency to start adding on keyboard shortcuts and some speed into your workflow. This will come with time in the program. Don’t worry about keyboard shortcuts if you are still struggling with navigation.


Once you have completed all of the step by step lessons, I would move directly into creating your own artwork using the Tool-Based Workflow. The next step in the process is to bring your own artwork through the Text and Shape-Based Design lessons to get completed pieces for your portfolio.

Drawing Template + Settings

The Drawing Templates are designed to be done in Adobe Photoshop since there is more of a chance that you have the full Adobe Creative Cloud.

Digital Drawing Modification for Tutorials: All you are going to need is a Drawing Program of your choice. The program should allow you to insert or embed a photo to use as a reference. Most prams these days allow for layers and the ability to lock the layers out. The most basic process of a photo layer, a sketch layer and use of brushes will work if you are intending on using or practicing another Drawing Program or App.

Paper Drawing Modification for Tutorials: All you are going to need is a Paper, a Photo on your Screen and a Camera Phone/Scanning App. Follow along using your own drawing method to a level of completion that you feel comfortable with in Illustrator. Take a Photo or use a Scanning App to digitize the drawing. If you have a scanner you can simple scan it in using the default settings.

From Photos

Since the start of the year, we have added more content from photos. You can remove any of my characters for your own drawings or sketches at any point or when you feel comfortable. Find a photo or subject matter that is the same if you are still learning.

Layers + Locking Out

Most of the drawing programs will allow you to lock out layers and bring in photos. The main troubleshooting area is having your sketch on a separate layer and have your photo layer locked out.

Drawing Focus

The main push is to get you creating your own artwork while you are learning the program. Our goal is to give you the option to follow along with the resources provided, but give you the next step of starting from a photo and doing your own drawing, sketch or trace.

  • Start from Photo
  • Do your own Drawing /Tracing
  • Use Drawing Program or App you intend on using
  • Digital or Paper
  • Practice Digital Drawing
  • Use your Own Hand or Style

What is your process before Adobe Illustrator? Are you planning on using a Photo, Drawing or Trace? The more of the early steps we do together, the more time you get to problem solve and plan for Adobe Illustrator.


I always encourage you to stay with what you are the most confident in or what will give you the best results. If you are drawing on paper, I want you to stay drawing on paper while you are learning the program.


Digital Drawing? Some of you are looking to practice your digital drawing and sketching. You may use any Drawing or Sketching Program during this step. We are just using a Photo, some Layers and a Brush.





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